Aiza Khan Nikkah Pics With Danish Taimoor and Leaving Showbiz


A big sad news for Aiza Khan fans, she has left showbiz industry for his love Danish Taimoor. Now you will never see Aiza on television in any aspect. Few days ago she has engaged in a relation of marriage with his love Danish. I am going to publish their nikkah pictures below. This nikkah was held 3 days ago. I think the date was 8th of August. Aiza khan did sacrifice for his love marriage. She said that Danish has no problem with her work but the due to some family reasons of her husband’s family she cannot continue his acting career. In the she should have to choose acting career or her love. And she chooses her love, after that Danish was very happy to know that she has found a wife who loves him very much.

Aiza Khan Nikkah Pics With Danish Taimoor and Showbiz

Beautiful Marriage Pic

Aiza Khan’s Nikkah Pics and Why She Is Leaving Showbiz?

Aiza Khan is a that kind of girl who can win hearts of her by her single smile. Pakistani Model khan was doing her job nicely but unfortunate this happens. Now how can we image a drama serial without Aiza Khan?

Yes friends you heard right, Aiza is leaving this fashion and acting industry after her nikah with Danish. You know Danish and Aiza are cousins and they engaged a year ago. But Danish’s family want their “Bahu” (Aiza) to become a normal housewife. They did not like that their girls work outside their home.

They ask her to leave showbiz in 2013 but then Aiza Khan Was not ready to do this. Therefore she only agreed for engagement with Danish Taimoor. Their nikkah ceremony was happened very well and Aiza was looking very beautiful on her marriage. You can see her latest marriage and nikkah pics of Aiza Khan in our gallery below. If you found any difficulty then please let me know.



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