Bridal Dresses Fashion 2017 By Tena Durrani


Tena Durrani has brought a gift of stylish bridal dresses 2017 for women. She gives unique names to her collections. She wants to make a specific design for different brides. Therefore she makes different styles for every new bride. Actually a woman knows better the nature of other woman. This arrival is introduced as a name of “Omorose”. Actually it is a collection inspired ideas and thoughts of a fashion designer. Pakistani bridal dresses designs 2017 are marked with creative thinking and work.


Through this collection tena durrani wants to give us a revival of our traditions and culture. We should know our beautiful queens and their fashion of dressing. We should know how they live, walk and talk? The record of past events tells us that their houses were so big. They had countless jewelry sets beyond our imagination. The interior work of their palaces is still wonderful and attractive. bridal dresses tena durrani collection 2017

Tena Durrani Latest Bridal Dresses Collection 2017

For those lucky women, gold and silver jewelry sets were so common. Diamonds rings were always in their fingers. This brand has been bringing heavy embroidered dresses according to royal trend. The outlines of lehengas are decorated with solid objects such as gem or stones. Honestly saying, all the brides need to catch these gorgeous outfits. Tena who is a big and successful female designer, wants to spread love among her customers. She believes that wedding season is the right time to attract girls towards her brand. In these pictures you can see the beauty of these best bridal dresses 201701

This dress design has a quality that thrusts itself into attention. It contains soft glitters shades from top to bottom. The concept of styling is taken from long anarkali frocks. It is heavily embroidered to make it more graceful. It has full sleeves having same embroidery. 02


This is another beautiful designer outfit having only one shade. It is decorated with little stones all over the attire. In this dress very light creamy color is used. Silver, red and golden colors are enriched with traditional beauty. Multi color girls bridal dresses 2017 collection is right here. 03

Sexy long shirts, short cholis, sharara and lehenga are including in this arrival. You will also find some sleeveless shirts made with modern fashion trend. Tena has online network also for her respected clients. Through this network you will be able to know details about her present and upcoming collections. These wedding wears are perfect for looking most beautiful bride on big day. Tena durrani has presented stunning bridal dresses pictures 2017 for wedding.


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