Iman Ali Pakistan’s Best Female Model And Actress

Iman Ali is my favorite and one of the best Pakistani models and actresses in Asia. Iman is showing her skills in many fields of fashion and television industry. She has blessed with amazing talent of acting and modeling therefore everyone likes her so much. Her father name is Abid Ali who was also an actor and he had done many films and dramas. Her father Abid got married two times in his life, his first wife was Humaira Ali who is also the mother of Pakistani Top model Iman Ali. She has two sisters who are also very famous in Pakistani fashion industry, this shows that acting talent is her heritage. In 2005 she hosted an awards function arranged by Lux and exactly after two years in 2007 she did a film ”Kuda Kay Liye” with a well-known director Shoaib Mansoor.


Iman Ali Age, Biography and Career

Iman ali Pakistani Female model and celebrity

In 2008 she has also given an award of “Best Actress” for this film. She has done some work with many film stars such as Sanam Baloch, Aiza Khan, Mahira khan and many more.Fashion Model Iman also appeared in some music videos and her most popular video song anarkali is one of those videos. Ali also took part in Pakistan’s best ever film “Bol” which is also directed by Shoaib Mansoor. She was born on19th of December, 1980 and started her career as a model. Pakistan’s female celebrity Iman Ali has a perfect height of 5 feet 9 inches and when she wear heels she gets 6 feet which is an ideal height. She is getting success because of her beauty, acting and modeling and with the passage of time I can say that she will become a successful woman.

Personal Life of Iman Ali

Female actress Iman Ali is tall, gorgeous and very stylish therefore every girl wants to become just like her. She has an ability of doing any character given to her because her potential level is very high. She accepts all the challenges bravely and proves herself because she is bold and powerful. Every woman loves Ali for her great work, hosting, modeling and acting. It is a dream of all young girls to be look like her as she has a bold and beautiful personality. She just wants a loving husband not a wealthy person for marry as she is so simple and innocent. All time attractive lady Iman Ali’s sisters name are Raimah Ali and Maryam Ali who are also the beauty of Pakistani television industry. She does not live with her father because of the separation of her father and mother. She is also doing modeling for different famous brands of clothes. Iman Ali the attractive beauty knows how to work and how to handle a given characters in different fields. She is caring and sincere woman. You can see her awesome and stylish images in our gallery.



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