Multi Color Smokey Eye Makeup With Easy And Simple Steps


I’ve always love Smokey Eye Makeup by using some simple tips and tricks. It may be done on different occasions such as weddings, party and family get together. It looks very attractive, stylish and gorgeous. Some girls accentuate on their eyes than any other body part. Sometimes girls focus on those parts which they like best about themselves. You should have a good canvas and blend all your Smokey eye makeup. This is the best key for polished and flawless look. Many untrained women make some mistakes that look dated and messy. All the girls shouldn’t sleep without washing your face because it prevents them from skin problems. Every fashionable woman just concentrates on latest trends and they look more beautiful than past. Here I have posted different multi color eye makeup ideas for girls and women. You should Look them carefully and try it at home. I assure you that the results will be definitely encouraging. Smokey Eye Makeup TIps For Girls


15 lovely and amazing Smokey Eye Makeup tutorials

I assure you that every girl can make them easily by doing practice. She has to work on this otherwise she can make some mistakes. Perfection always comes with practice no matter what the profession is? First of all select the shadow that you want to apply. After this you need to have some fine and soft brushes. Here I will also tell you some essential and useful smokey makeup tips. Mostly beauticians use black color for this makeup but you can also apply different colors.But all the women should now the perfect technique of applying shades.It is very important and main thing that everyone should follow.These easy steps are mentioned below for your help.

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In this attractive and gorgeous smokey eye makeup only 5 steps are included. In first step apply medium brown color on lids. On the corner apply light golden shade and blend it. Next take black liner and apply in it on below and upper of lower lashes. The use of mascara will complete your last step. 00

This is my most favorite bridal makeup which looks brilliant.Take silver color and apply it just on the inner corners. Apply reddish maroon color on the remaining side and blend finely. For creating smokey eye makeup put little amount of black color on outer corner. 01

In this blue and white eyes makeup just three colors are used. Take white shadow and apply it all over your lids. Then apply blue color on half side of your eye as shown in the picture. Similarly use black shade on the corner and blend perfectly. Also use some shiny shades to produce sparkling effect. 02

This is very simple but stylish eye makeup for teenagers. It looks very light and perfect for any festival and party. Only black and light green shadows are used in this smokey tutorial.


Now see some other color combination for smokey eye makeup looks for girls. 05













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