New Fresh Flower Jewellery For Mehndi Mayun 2017-18


Today I am bringing up beautiful jewellery styles 2017 of fresh red and yellow flowers. It is the trend of Indian and Pakistani wedding ceremony to wear awesome and traditional jewelry. A large number of fresh flowers are used in mehndi and mayun ceremonies. The use of flowers in weddings is actually an act of representing old traditions. All the accessories like earings, necklaces, matha patti and rings are made with white, red and yellow flowers. The artificial flowers in different shapes are also used in making bridal rings, bangles and other accessories. No doubt that a mehndi bride looks more beautiful and gorgeous in these wedding jewelry designs. new fresh flower jewellery for mehndi mayun 2017


It is very important for a traditional bride to wear simple things made with fresh flowers on mayun and mehndi celebrations. These accessories are the need and demands of the special wedding functions. These designs are looking trendy and eye catching. The fashion trend of these things does not change but increases with passage of time. If you choose only yellow and white flowers then it looks very good. But if you add more colors like red, green, pink etc then it looks stunning and wonderful. The combination of different flower’s shades will be perfect match for a mehndi bride.

Mehndi Jewellery Designs For Women With Flowers 2017

You can also see completes sets in markets for the event of mayun, dholki and mehndi. If you have long hairs then you can wrapped them in layers of flowers. It will create an awesome change in your personality. You have many options to use any color of flowers.  The addition of beads or pearls in matha tikka looks elegant and stylish. The images of all the fashion accessories and pendants are shown below.  So girls check all the pictures with care and pick an amazing design for you. 01







Sometimes bridals have to wear artificial jewellery sets because of the increasing price of gold. But it does not happen in case of mehndi functions. The reason is that every bride rich or poor wears flowers on this function. So it is a good sign which leads to equality. Ladies can also get Indian jewelry designs through online shopping network. Flowers have very light weight so they are very comfortable to wear. The fragrance of roses provides an attractive atmosphere and it is also good for human health. This is the best collection of handmade bridal jewellery of different roses 2017.


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