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No doubt that Ayesha Omar is the real hot star of Pakistan. She is a great fashion Model, Actress and Host also. Pakistani Model Ayesha Omer has beautiful face and gorgeous personality. She has also beautiful voice.


Pakistani fashion industry is getting success day by day because many beautiful models and actress are joining it and making this industry popular. Ayesha Omer is one of those top models who are increasing the popularity of Pakistani fashion industry.

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ayesha omar doing a photoshoot for some clothing brand ayesha omar in lux style award after winning the award Ayesha omar on a ramp showing her skills


Childhood of Ayesha Omar

As Pakistani Actress Ayesha Omer has beautiful voice so she started her career as a VJ. She was born on 12 October, 1980 in the city of lights name Lahore. She was interested in fine arts. She completed her graduation from a famous and esteemed National College of Arts, Lahore.

Acting Career of Ayesha Omer

The dazzling beauty, Ayesha Omar got fame from College which was the teen based program. That show was made under the direction of Jawad Bashir who is also an NCA graduate. Many other famous singers of Pakistan also included in that show such as Ali Zafar and other famous TV celebrities. She had also participated in Nautanki which was NCA’s drama group along with hosting and acting. Pakistani model Ayesha Omer is getting great success from Bulbulay in which she is doing the role of Khoobsurat. It is a marvelous show of her. NCA supported her in her acting as she was very good in that part of arts. If we calculate her shows in which she modeled then we can say that she modeled for more than fifteen shows and she performed more than six long plays. She worked with Lahore’s amateur theater company.

ayesha omar posr in a short dress ayesha omer in a bridal dress Ayesha Omer in Bulbulay With Momo

Personal Life

Ayesha Omar, most fashionable woman of Pakistan was mostly interested in dramatically and helping the poor and needy people. In her school days she always took part in dramas and extracurricular activities as she was interested in arts. Because of her this fact she has been the President of arts in her school. And it was her duty to manage all the things of theater like costumes and the formation of new creativities in plays. She used to spend most of her spare or free time with special children of Rising Sun School. When Ayesha Omar hosted her first TV show she was only eight years old. It was” Mere Bachpan Kay Din”. She has also hosted a show in which celebrities gave their interviews. Muneeza Hashmi was her co host in that show. Fashion Model Ayesha Omar got great success from College and after that she was hosted a famous show name Rhythm. That was on Prime TV. Ayesha Omar also interviewed many famous Pakistani singers like Arif Lohar and Shazia Manzoor. Her famous songs are Aao and Koi To ho. Ayesha Omer also hosted a cooking show on ARY Zauq. That was Hot Chocolate. Recently Ayesha Omar is hosting a show on CNBC Pakistan known as Ye Waqt Hai Mera. Her career is bright.

ayesha omer in sleeveless dress with her friend ayesha omer singing a song ayesha omer wearing a black color dress photoshop edit photo of ayesha omer


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