Best 7 Eyeliner Styles And Tips for Girls


Today I am going to share with you 7 latest and trendy Eyeliner Styles that will give an attractive touch to your eyes. It is a true fact that without the touch of a liner eye makeup looks incomplete. But it should be different and unique at all. If any woman wants to make her look stand out and stunning then she should try these styles at home. I assure you that after reading these tips you will be able to apply best eyeliner styles in few minutes. You have no need to spend hours and hours on this trick. First of all try to know that which type suits on your personality. There are so many styles of applying eyeliner but I will discuss just top 7 from them. Just a single touch of this product can change your whole look. Every girl wants to make neat and perfect lines and for this purpose she prefers liquid eyeliner. Different women have different face shapes so every type cannot suits to everyone. It should be suitable and perfect for all girls. The girls who have small eyes can make them look bigger by using some magical liquid liners. They must learn some applications to do this trick.


My favorite Eyeliner Styles And Tips for young Girls

Top Seven Eyeliner Styles To Give Yourself A Stunning Look

Winged Eyeliner

This is a classy and trendy type of applying liner. In this type a curve is made from the center of lid to the end of your eyes. If the end of curve is made thicker then it will look dramatic.


stylish winged eyeliner

Flick Eyeliner

This is the best style of grooming your eyes and it is used by everyone. This is very easy and basic type that can make you stylish in simplicity. It does not take too much time you can make it in minutes.

best flick eyeliner

Smudge Eyeliner

Mostly women use smudge style for highlighting purpose. It is applied by a small brush on both sides of upper and lower lashes. Some girls make layers of it for a different look.

unique smudge eyeliner

Retro Eyeliner Styles

You can get a classy and gorgeous personality by applying the retro style. It is my favorite type of modern girls and they love to wear it. Liquid and shiny black liner and vibrant colors make an awesome combination.

modern retro eyeliner

Cat Eye

Today the trend of wearing cat eyeliner is becoming popular among all women. Mostly celebrities and models prefer this style because it looks amazing. It is suitable for both big and small eyes. Start applying it with a thin line and then fill it at the end of your eye.

cat eyeliner look

60’s Eyeliner

No doubt that the makeup styles of 60’s can never become old and out of fashion. It looks new and unique even today so how can we ignore it? Everybody loves those makeup tips and tricks. Apply thick stylish liner from the start to the ending corner of your eye.

How they apply eyeliner in 60's

Fishtail Eyeliner

This is the latest and impressive style of wearing liner. Fishtail has become very common among girls. You should know the perfect way to apply this. Try it at your home I hope you will love it.

How to apply fishtail eyeliner

I hope you would love these beautiful and outclass Eyeliner Styles for women. Keep visiting our site to learn latest fashion and style tips.


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