Natural And Easy Skin Whitening Face Packs For Girls


These are some Natural And Easy Skin Whitening Face Packs For Girls. They are very effective, beneficial and important tips  for all skin types. Some women are confused about their skin type. They don’t know either their skin is dry or normal? Because or chin,cheeks and forehead neither look dry nor oily. However some parts of our face feel hard and dry in winter. This thing also happens in summer season with some women. Here I will tell you skin whitening tips which are best for you. The girls should not worry about the treatment of dry or oily skin. Pakistani atmosphere is fill with dirt, dust and pollution. All the above things are harmful for men as well as for women.In order to bring back glow use these face packs.


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Top 6 Face Packs For Natural Skin Whitening

natural and easy skin whitening face packs for girls

Many girls go to the salons to increase their beauty and glow. But sometimes they have no time to go parlor. They remain busy in work. In this age of competition everyone is busy in earning money. They have no time for their health and skin. Therefore it is very important for them to fair their complexion at home. Skin whitening tips make your face soft, clean and fresh.

Milk and Almonds 00


Both these are very effective and useful skin whitening agents. Milk is a natural cleanser which cleans all the dirt. At night take a bowl and put some milk in it. Take 4 to 5 almonds and put them into the bowl. After half hour make a paste and apply on face. Wash it off in the morning with tap water. It will make your skin bright and healthy.

Cucumber, Turmeric and Lime 01

This natural and cold vegetable makes you beautiful and attractive. Cucumber contains a large amount of water in it. There exists 95% of water in it. All the people should use this vegetable especially in summer season. This is a good skin whitening treatment which gives blemish free face. Turmeric is a brilliant antiseptic herb which cleans all the germs. It can treat dark spots, acne, pimples and signs of aging. Lime juice is always considered as natural beauty product. We use it not only for eating purposes but also to increase our beauty. Take one spoon of cucumber juice in a clean bowl. Now add same amount of turmeric, lime juice and glycerin in it. Mix them well and apply it. After 20 minutes wash your face.

Rose water,Gram flour and Turmeric 


These are very easy and simple beauty tips for skin whitening. Rose water can treat many skin problems. Therefore it is called natural medicine. It is best for those women who have oily skin type. Put one tbsp of gram flour and add one tsp of turmeric in it. Also add some rose-water and one tsp of lime juice. Apply this fine paste on the whole face for 20 minutes.

Curd and Banana 


This home remedy is just like skin whitening facial. Curd has countless benefits and it is a wonderful cleanser. It keeps your skin and hair healthy forever. It is suitable for pimples and dark spots specially. Banana contains a large amount of vitamin B and it treat wrinkles. Take fresh banana and cut into two pieces. Mix egg white and one tbsp in half banana. Apply this mixture for 15 minutes and then wash it off.

Orange peels and Yogurt 


Skin whitening tips are used by every woman for beautiful skin. Orange contains vitamin C, folic acid and potassium. It makes our body soft, silky and clear. It also decreases the harmful effect of sunlight. Similarly orange peels have infinite benefits. Don’t throw them outside. Take orange peels in powder form and mix 2 tbsp of yogurt in it. Apply this face pack for glowing face. After twenty minutes wash it off with simple water.

Keep enjoying natural and easy skin whitening face packs for girls.


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