Hijab Fashion In All Professions Of Women


The Evolving Hijab Fashion


If we study the Muslim dress code, we see that the concept of the Hijab has evolved a lot, since the era it first came into existence. All Muslim women are required by law, to wear a Hijab; that is that they are expected to cover their head when they are around the company of strange men. This means, that whether they are going out to the market, or going out on a family event, if there will be strange men around them, they have to cover their head. Furthermore, there are types of Hijabs available for women to choose from. There is the simple head scarf, or a proper Abaya, depends on what the women prefer on wearing.

The Abaya was traditionally a long black clock garment that women wear over their usual clothes. This is worn so as to make the women look as simple as possible, and so that their figure remains hidden. Nowadays, we see women wearing extremely extravagant clothes, which are obviously extremely expensive. One of the reasons for an Abaya might be, to control the amount of money women might be willing to spend on their clothes, and since they all would be wearing the same kind of garment, t would also ensure equality among them. hijab fashion 2016

However, now we see that as the years have gone by, the Hijab and the Abaya dress code have been modified. The modern world allows the woman to make her own rules and take her own decisions. Thus, we see women excelling in every field of life, whether it is at home or in the corporate sector. Women will be the best house wives, cooks, CEO’s, doctors, engineers, architects and athletes. You name it! For such a progressive woman, the dress code has been altered as well. Women have shifted from dresses to suits and pants that will allow them to perform better. Such is the case with the Muslim woman as well. She wants to excel in life as well, and thus we see that she achieves her ambitions, however while remaining in the realms of her religion.


Muslim women now are just as chic, and stylishly dressed up as anyone else. She has experimented with the scarf styles, and she wears it in different new ways. Women who wear Abayas, have tried to amend it by contrasting it with different colors, by wearing chunky accessories, or by getting embroidery, lacework, handwork, stonework done on them. The era of simple black Abayas has long gone. There are women who still wear the traditional Hijab and Abaya, but they all have ways of making it seem more fashionable.

The hijab style in 2017 seems to be growing, and is expected to get even more progressive in 2017; however in this battle of modernism, Muslim women seem to help one another. For example, the internet is full of tutorials by young women, teaching different and unique ways of wrapping a Hijab. These tutorials show you everything step by step, so you can easily follow them. Moreover, they help you figure out what your face type is, and what kind of scarf would suit you the most. They also help you out in deciding the colors that would best suit you and which won’t. There are articles and blogs available that discuss the latest Hijab fashion and its modifications.

There are designers available who designate their whole collections to Abayas, and if you visit them, you can discuss your concerns with them and they will guide you properly regarding what particular shape or cut of an Abaya might suit. Or what are the most in fashion colors, and how you should contrast and design your Abayas. If you don’t want to hire a designer, then just log on to any social media site such as Facebook, or Instagram, and follow any Abaya fashionistas, and all your Abaya related questions can be answered by just going through her videos and pictures. There are so many bloggers out there willing to help you, and there are so many styles of Hijabs and Abayas to choose from, that the Muslim girl has the chance to come out looking like a diva more than ever!

Deciding on a wedding dress has never been so much fun for a bride than it is now! There are so many bridal options to choose from! There are designers who have Abayas inspired by the western dress, and they are a perfect combination of traditional and modern! The Muslim bride has an option of whether wearing a traditional Abaya, a modern Abaya or one that is a combination of both!

The print media has become progressive as well. For example, first you had magazines and books about white weddings, or designs related to extravagant dresses. However, there are thick magazines available for Abayas as well believe it or not! They show fashionable Muslim women, wearing Abayas and walking down the ramp, looking like absolute models! These magazines will also give you pictures and images of different kinds of Hijabs that give you classes in cara memakai.

All these efforts are being made, to make the Muslim woman more conventional, so she learns the new ways of life, so she becomes more confident about herself and feels beautiful.

Pictures Showing the New Hijab Fashion 2

Here is an example of a woman wearing a sport Hijab that is designed in a way that it will not fall off, despite the game she plays.



Here is an example of how women who prefer wearing black Abayas have modified them in their own ways; they have contrasted them with different colors and highlighted them with stunning accessories.


 This is an example of simple Hijab that Muslim women doctors wear.



This is an example of what Hijab street fashion might look like. This is not a traditional black Hijab; however it is still simple yet extremely beautiful.


An example of the kind of dress inspired Abaya wedding gowns look like nowadays.


Here is an example of the kind of abaya a Muslim in the corporate world might wear. This hijab look is fashionable yet professional! Ideal for a work place.


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