Hot Woman Juggan Kazim Profile,Wedding pics and Children


The stunning woman of Pakistan Juggan Kazim has become very popular.She was born in January 7, 1981.Her birth city is Lahore but now she is working in Karachi.She had spent her school and college life in Lahore.In childhood she was known as Sayeda Mehr Bano Kazim.But as the time changed she replaced her name as Juggan.She also lived for some time in Canada but soon come back from there.She started her career in showbiz as a mind-blowing actress.After that fashion model Juggan Kazim started concentrating on other fields.You can also see her beautiful face in different Pakistani and international films.She is also a big brand presenter and film director.She has got many awards as different characters.In her siblings one sister and one brother are including.Her mother left her father when she was only 1 year old.She lived with father who brought her in fashion industry. hot woman juggan kazim profile,wedding pics and children


Family Pics And Showbiz Career of Juggan Kazim

Female actress of Pakistan Juggan Kazim did many commercial ads in very small age. Because of her cuteness she became very famous among people.Sayed Abbas Kazim is her father who loves her so much.In an interview she gave remarks that modeling was her passion.In this field, no matter what is your age.Her mother Ghazala was very bold, stylish and liberal woman.On the other hand her father was serious man.Pakistani host juggan Kazim takes interest in media and arts.She involved in a scandal with Adnan Ghafoor and got married with him.Just after some time they started doing fights with each other.And she realized that she could not live him so she left him.They separated but Kazim wants to live her baby.Now she is did fostering of her child without his help.This shows that she is brave and independent woman.Her divorce was a reciprocal decision for them. 02












Pakistani model Juggan Kazim often thinks that she did the same thing as her parents did.She can speak Urdu and English without any hesitation.In morning show she shows outstanding confidence.She takes interviews of different celebrities on the set of morning show.“Mashal Peerzada is my close friend” said by gorgeous lady Juggan Kazim.She started working as a model from Toronto, famous city of the world.She is a professional woman who is very conscious about her career.Her top drama serials are Sitam, Patli Gali, Aik Pal, Man O Salwa and Shehr E Dil.Other favorite serials are Omer Dadi Aur Gharwalay, Piyasi, Na Jaane Kyun, Rangeel Pur and Vasl.She also appeared in Hukm e Azaan, Chaat, Kaash Aisa Ho, Meri Ansuni Kahani, Pani Jaisa Pyar etc.This wonderful actress Juggan Kazim host many reality shows for different channels.In those shows Mast Morning for Dawn News, Aaj Entertainment Tonight for Aaj TV and Fashion Stop for Ary Digital are including.She did countless music videos for Shehzad Roy, Mekaal Hassan and Jal Band.Let see hot woman Juggan Kazim wedding and children pics.









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