Mahnoor Baloch Age, Daughter and Husband Pics


Mahnoor Baloch Biography

Worlds most attractive Mahnoor Baloch is a beautiful and talented model and actress of Pakistan. She was born in USA in 1970. She has a perfect height of 5′ 3″. Because of everlasting beauty she is doing leading roles in her dramas and prominent among people also. Top Actress Mahnoor belongs to Sindhi family. She is including in beautiful women of Pakistan. Mahnoor Baloch has attractive face that attracts everyone. Every woman wants such beauty from which mahnor is blessed with. She provides her beauty well and has a marvelous personality. She always does her work with great interest and concentration. Before doing any drama or film she looks first towards the quality of work.


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Mahnoor-Baloch with his daughter and husband

Mahnoor Baloch Wedding

As model Mahnoor belongs to Sindhi family she got married in the age of 15 years her husband’s name Hamid who was 17 years old at the time of their marriage. She got married according to wish of her parents and received blessings from them. She has a daughter also who is 24 years old. Most of her family members live in Canada so she and her husband also want to go there for living. Mahnoor Baloch has stunning and dazzling personality. She looks so young and beautiful till this age. She is also working as a director.


Mahnoor Baloch at her friends Wedding Ceremoney

Mahnoor Baloch Showbiz Career

The dazzling beauty of Pakistan Mahnur has been working in many fields of industry. She is working as a model, director and performing artist these days. Modeling is her specialty and strong point. She says about style that it is a unique thing and it is not does not mean one has to be uncouth. Mahnoor Baloch says that she does not like western dresses. Once upon a time she was assigned for wearing western dresses this thing was so awkward for her and that show became her last show. Actress Mahnoor believe that there is a difference between nakedness and style. Mahnoor Baloch says that she likes modeling but not catwalk and she will start working in TV ads soon. The profession of direction gives her gratification because creative work is her passion. But she also does acting happily. Model Mahnoor says about her profession of acting that she is not mad about this. She does it because she can do it. She also says that she is finding institute of direction because she wants to become successful in direction. Actress Mahnoor wants to take a chance in direction. She has a natural talent of acting and direction. Mahnoor Baloch is finding a young girl for her script. She says that she can also do the roles of women older than her age. Therefore in “Lamhy” she was very happy by doing the role of Shehzad Roy’s mother. She is the sign of glamour. She always gets success and popularity because of her talent and extraordinary performance. Her husband always supports her and she says about him that her success could not possible with him. Mahnoor Baloch and her husband are good friends also. This thing proves beneficial for their relationship.

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Mahnoor’s Divorce

She’s divorced and mother-in-law. She’s a married son and and a daughter. She was married to a Baloch, she’s a Punjaban herself. I know her more than you wrote. For further details contact producer, Hum TV. They’re fast and old friends.


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