Makeup Tricks 2017 Like Disney Cartoons Characters


In this post I will tell you the magical tricks of makeup 2017 for young girls. Here you will find almost all Disney female cartoons’ pictures. We used to see cartoons on Disney channel in our childhood. Some crazy women also love them even today. It was just a dream of every woman to look like those characters. Their hairstyles, costumes, jewelry and shoes are mind blowing. It is the success of our eye makeup artists that you can get that look easily. Teenagers can fulfill their dreams with the help of this post. Cartoons always make us happy, fresh and tension free. All the ladies want to get beautiful magic tricks like Frozen, Mulan, Cinderella, Aura etc. Disney is the world of magic, freshness, powers and beauty. In this world you can do whatever you need and want. Everything seems possible in this land of dream and magic. disney makeup


Disney Makeup Steps And Pictures 2017 For Girls

You know that creativity is very rare and important in the world of fashion. And it has no limit therefore our masters are introducing unique techniques. Through these images you can learn each eyes makeup step with new technique. You can create a pretty look with the addition of different colors. Supppose a girl wants to go in a party and she wants to get a cartoon character’s look. She will search different websites for that particular purpose. Check out eye makeup step by step pictures that are given below. 00





The above picture is related to frozen lovers. Through this image all the women can learn total getup of frozen. She looks very pretty, gorgeous and stunning in all the episodes. Her hairstyle is not fixed but it changes in new movies. Blue color is the highlight of her overall look. You can also use light purple and dark blue shades instead of sky blue. In this way you can create another look which suits your personality. Above I have posted four different images so that every woman should try all of them. 04


A girl should also try beautiful makeup of Mulan character. For this getup you will need bronze and golden shadows. Your hair color should be pure black just like mulan. She wears blue neckles and outfits in her cartoon movies. She has a bold personality and serious face expressions. Scroll down for more Disney channel cartoons. 06

In this pic all shades of American flag are used very beautifully. Red, blue and white are three main colors in American flag. Artist has used all the shadows for a perfect look.

Here you will also learn stylish eyes makeup like Aura, deer, jasmine, rupenzil and all other Disney movie characters.





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