Nadia Hussain Lawn 2017 Pics and Biography


There is no doubt that Nadia Hussain is one of the popular actresses in Pakistan now a day. Without getting break she is getting success very rapidly. Pakistani model Hussain was born in Pakistan’s famous city Karachi on 11th January 1979.Her school was Beacon House School system from where she got her early education. Then she got admission in Fatima Jinnah Dental College and got degree of Dental from there. Then she started practice as Dentist there.The singer Tina Sani is her aunt.


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Nadia Hussain Lawn Hot Pics

Nadia Hussain Wedding

She got married in 2003. Her husband name is Atif Khan .He is a Banker who deals chiefly in underwriting new securities. He is also an agent who buys and sells stocks and bonds. Because of is this profession he met with Nadia. She was interested in investment of stocks at that time. Before Atif she was involved with Amir who is the brother of Vaneeza Ahmed. But soon Nadia Hussain left her bad husband due to some reason which she had never told to anyone. After that happen she started to live with her beautiful and charming babies and her caring husband whose name is Atif Khan. Now there are five family members in their family including three of them are their babies. One of them is Sasha and other two are Shanza and Shadal.


Showbiz Career of Nadia Hussain

She started her career from Modeling when she was only 20 years old as she has all the skills of Modeling. Model Nadia Hussain is beautiful, famous and talented woman of Pakistan. Because of her Aunt singer Tina Sani she entered in media and got success day by day. Nadia is hardworking woman and she always shows great interest towards her work. She also does her work with honesty. Therefore she did not face any difficulty in her work and her family also supported her. In her childhood she had also done some ads as kid crystal toothpaste is one of those ads. It was Mubashir Khan who launched her as a Model first time and he gave her dresses some of big designers of Pakistan such as Imran Qureshi, Frieha Altaf and Deepak Parwani for wearing. Mubashir Khan found her at a very famous beauty parlour of pakistan whose owner name is Amin.There he advised her to take a chance as a model. In 2000 Nadia Hussain selected modeling as a professional career. It is generally and widely perceived that Nadia Hussain is the single actress, VJ or drama artist who was selected for a  Fashion Week by Sarajevo. She had also done many Drama Serials like Omer, Dadi Aur Gharwalay, Maney Na Yeh Dil, Noor Bano etc. She has also her lawn collection and her line of own footwear which is called Fetish.

Nadia Hussain Interview

According to her a Model is an image of beauty and charm. She said in one of her interviews that she gets fan calls and mostly they were men. She said they teased her but she treated them with rudeness and hardness. This thing gave a lesson to them. Nadia says proudly that she never gets worry about her career as she has different talent from everyone. Nadia Hussain says she gives priority to her work which is a good quality o a human being. Lastly I would say that her future will be quite bright as her present.

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