Pakistani Actress Hot Walima Pics With Husband


Here you can see famous Pakistani actress hot wedding pics. I will show you walima pictures of different Pakistani actresses. After reading the article please give me about your feedback. Inform me which celebrity is looking more attractive and gorgeous. No doubt that their makeup is done by famous beauty parlors. So they are looking very beautiful and awesome. Our country is filled with lots of beauty. We should not ignore the talent of our people. Pakistani actress hot pics of her walima ceremony are posted below. Here is a tough competition between Sarwal Gillani, Anum Saeed, Aiza Khan, Sara Atif and Dua Malik. All these celebrities have natural attraction and inspiring beauty. I have made a list of these ladies pics below.


Wedding Pictures Of Stylish Pakistani Actress Hot pakistani actress hot pics

Sarwat Gillani

She is looking very gorgeous in her embroidered bridal dress. Her hairstyle is unique and impressive. Sarwat loves her husband very much. That is the reason of her cute smiling face. In one sentence, her look is heart touching. 00



Anum Saeed

This stylish Pakistani actress hot picture is magical. She needs no introduction as she is very famous. With her face expressions you can imagine her happiness. Check out her pics and give me your comments about her look. 02

Aiza Khan

She is a successful Pakistani actress hot and sexy. Aiza has countless fans even after her marriage. Her designer dress is decorated with different beads and stones. Every young girl wants to look like Aiza on her walima. They way she smiles win the hearts of many people.  Danish Taimoor and Aiza is a perfect couple. 03


Sara Atif Aslam

Her husband is a famous celebrity of Pakistan. Many girls wanted to marry him but he selected Sara. Atif Aslam loves her so much. She was looking like princess on her wedding. Sara is very lucky girl because her husband is very good singer. He is very famous not only in Pakistan but also in other countries. They are looking like make for each other. 05

Dua Malik 

She is a wonderful Pakistani actress hot looking features. Her beauty and talent is God gifted. Dua has innocent and cute looking face. She has glowing and healthy complexion. Here I have posted her walima picture. She was looking marvelous on that day. 06


I have done my duty by showing you Pakistani actress hot walima pictures. It is up to you now that which one is your favorite.


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