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Reema Khan is a famous Model, Film star and Actress of Pakistan. She is a good producer, director and Social worker also. She is including in some famous Pakistani celebrity. This beauty of Pakistan was born in Pakistan’s city name Sahiwal on October 27, 1997. Khan got her early education from a preeminent school of Multan. She got her higher education from the city of lights Lahore. Her family shifted to Lahore because of her higher education. Being Muslim she learnt Holy Quran as her early education. As learning Holy Quran is inherent part of a Muslim child.


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Reema Khan was not took part in extracurricular activities during her childhood. But during her school level studies she took parts in extracurricular activities especially in dramas. She was also took parts in games related to athletics. That was Reema’s first step for success. After that she got name and fame continuously. At that time her teachers were also recognized the great talent of acting in her and they predicted that she will become a big star in future. Today Reema Khan proved them right. As she is become popular in all around the world she never allowed herself to become proudly. Reema is image of simplicity and she becomes inspiration for all the women and girls of today. She is kind-hearted, devout and charitable to the miserable and pious people. She has also many other good qualities like livingness, warm, fond, tender, industrious and self-confidence. All these admirable qualities make her prominent all over the world.


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Personality of Reema Khan

Reema Khan never shows change in her personality and behavior after becoming so popular and reaching the great heights of success. She is a brilliant example of hard work, earnestness of aim and committedness. Reema has a very honorable and ethical parentage as she relates to a very famous and illustrious ramify of the Aghas: “The Qazilbash Clan”. Her father is practicing as a lawyer after getting retired from gazette officer. Her mother is a simple housewife as she belongs to a rural family. Film star Reema has three young sisters and one brother. Her brother is living in Malaysia for higher education. Her two sisters are married and her youngest sister is engaged. One of her sisters possess three post-graduate degree from different local and foreign Universities in which world’s famous respected place of learning  “THE Oxford University of England also including. She has strong determination and strong will power. She crossed all the hindrances and faced every problem bravely in order to fulfill her dreams actually she wanted to include her name in top stars of Pakistan. She has given the talent of accepting challenges from Allah with her birth in this world. As Reema Khan belongs to Qizilbash in spite of this she came in film industry. This is the prove of her fact that she likes challenges. In Qizilbash women are not allowed to do this type of work that Reema is doing. But she could never let her dreams down she had to fulfill them. And now she proved herself all over the world. Reema Khan is one of those people who remain touch with their aim or ambition and after great struggle they get their task as well. Reema Khan is great girl and has wonderful ideas.

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