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Saba Qamar Biography

No doubt Saba Qamar is a wonderful model as well as T.V actress. She is also working as a Host in Pakistan. Because of her extraordinarily talent and well-known acting she is getting popularity among people very rapidly. Beautiful actress of Pakistan was born in Pakistan’s city; Gujranwala on 5th of April, 1984. Saba Qamar has changed her name from Sabahat Qamar. Most of her childhood was spent in Gujranwala. Actress Saba spent her childhood with her grandmother in Gujranwala. Saba belongs to a rich family so she had easily got her profession with the help of her family support. Saba Qamar’s parents live in Karachi which is famous and big city of Pakistan.


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Saba Qamar Wedding

Recently it comes in news that she got married with her cousin who is working as an engineer in PAF. But when Saba heard about this scandal she solved it by saying that she is not married however she is engaged with her cousin. As Pakistani model Saba comes from a good family she does not wants to get involved in any type of scandal or fake news. She said that whenever she gets married she would inform everybody about her marriage ceremony she has no need to conceal it.

Saba Qamar Showbiz Career

Famous actress of Pakistan Saba started her career from a Pakistani TV channel name as PTV. She had done many Drama serials for PTV.”MAIN AURAT HOON” was her first Drama Serial from which she got great popularity. After then her acting skills increased and she comes to know that she can also make her name in this field. For modeling one should have a perfect height so she also got success in Modeling as she has a height of 5’7. Without getting break she also started hosting for Geo TV in A Comedy show name “HUM SAB UMEED SE HAIN” which is included in best shows of Pakistan. Saba Qamar also got score in other shows like Maat, Kahin Tum Kahin Hum, Urdaan, Na Jany Kyu and Mamoo.There is great news about her that she got awards as a best actress in 16th PTV Annual Awards.


Pakistani actress Saba qamar in horror style

saba qamar in a golden dress looking beautiful

Saba Qamar News Stories

It was perceived flaws about Saba Qamar because of her uncouth dressing in LUX Style Awards in gone by days. It was told by Geo News that Pakistani Actress came under the influenced of Dengue fever and she was admitted in Hospital because of her serious condition.

Saba qamar in hot style

Saba qamar looks very beautiful in bridal dress

Saba Qamar Interview

It is generally and widely perceived that Saba is one of those people who always bound to their work. They give first priority to their work. According to her women should not busy always in their personal home issues. There are many other things that she can do. She has different thoughts. She said one of her sister’s friends once forced her to do a role in “MAIN AURAT HUN”. She was confused at that time but she agreed and got success as well. Her family also supported her because she had done nothing that could be embarrassing her family. She said ” I have done orderly and worthy work. In last I would say famous celebrity Saba Qamar would get success always because of her great work and honesty towards her work.


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