Soft Eye Makeup Looks For Engagement Party


Soft eye makeup is all about attractive eyes, light cheek bones and soft lips. You will find a mixture of light shades in soft makeup. Usually this make up is applied on engagement and party. It is perfect for these occasions. All the women want dramatic and subtle look on wedding. But on engagement they do not want dark eye shadows and lipstick. This look is safe and easy for all beginners. First of all try to use halal products. You should purchase things from good cosmetic shops. In this article you will learn best eye makeup ideas for soft look. In order to achieve this look you should use following shadows: pink, purple, brown, golden, silver, grey and green. Every girl should learn the entire process of this eyes makeup. It starts from primer and ends on mascara. I have posted below some pictures with complete steps. eye makeup for parties


First of all you have to remove lines from lids. For this purpose apply concelor or primer all over on lids. It will keep you fresh and glowing last longer. Then apply a finer layer of your favorite base or foundation. Blend it perfectly all over on face and neck. For beautiful eye makeup use lighter shades like pink, brown etc. Base shadow should be match with your skin color. This is the most important part of this makeup eyes. Take a fine brush for apply first shade. After that take a blending brush and blend matte shadow perfectly. If you blend correctly then your shadow will look more beautiful.

 Pakistani Soft Bridal Eye Makeup Step By Step

Take another brush and wash it with water.  Then apply light color like silver on inner side area of lids. Through this trick you inner corner will look dramatic. This entire process will be completed by using just matte shades. Apply little bit dark shade on outer side and blend it. In last apply any other shade on mid area if you want. There are different types of eye liner styles like basic, dramatic, winged etc. 01






Mostly in soft eye makeup looks cat eye liner style is used. It looks awesome and produces more attraction. Pink and brown lipstick color will match with this make up. Apply good mascara for thick lashes. If you have very thin lashes then you can also use artificial lashes. Use special gum stick in order to attach them. Have a look latest bridal eye makeup styles with easy steps.


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