Top 10 Lipstick Colors Brand In The World


Lipstick Colors enhance the beauty of your lips and it makes your personality gorgeous. Beautiful and glossy lipstick colors always attract men as well as women as they both are very conscious about their lips. There are various shades of lipstick and glosses are available at different shops of cosmetics. It is a very important cosmetic that completes the makeup and without a lipstick makeup cannot become perfect. In this way we can realize the importance of it in making someone beautiful and pretty. In this article I have made a list of top 10 international lipstick colors brands that are famous for grooming your lips.

Lipstick Colors By Top 10 Makeup Brands

Lipstick Colors By Top 10 Makeup Brands

Best 10 Lipstick Colors Brand You Love


MAC Lipsticks Shades

It is the most famous brand of the world and its products are very expensive because of its best quality. That is why everybody cannot buy them. Only the high-class women, models, film stars and celebrities can get them easily. It provides a high range of colors every year for all fashion lovers.


Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Beautiful Lipstick Shades

Another successful cosmetic brand Yves Saint Laurent is run by an international designer who is very popular among Eye Makeup artists. It is getting more success because of his outclass lipstick colors and glosses throughout the world.  It is also serving humanity by its other products such as foods and nutritional things. They add some rare antioxidants substances in their products because these elements keep your skin healthy and glowing. Antioxidants play very important role in recovery of dry lips.


Nars Lipstick Colors

This brand knows well how to care your lips with fruits and what is the importance of fruits extracts. NARS also offers waterproof and long-lasting lipsticks colors enriched with fruits.  Orgasm is very unique name that is given to its lipsticks.


Dior Brand Shades

Mostly celebrities use the products of DIOR. I think it is one of the reasons of this brand’s fame. Many makeup artists give priority to it because of its fine quality. A girl who uses it can remain in touch with latest trends. It is divided into three categories namely Dior rouge, Diorific and Dior addict.

Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown Lipstick Color

This is very expensive brand which provides Lipsticks Colors containing wax and multi vitamins. All these things can make your lips clean and pinkish. Bobbi Brown is an expert beautician also.


Guerlain Brand Colors

If you want to get an attractive and model like look then always use beauty and hair products of Guerlain. This brand is struggling hard for making great things for women.

Estee Lauder

Estee Lauder Makeup Kits

If I talk about style and beauty then one and only Estee Lauder name is come into my mind.  It is a true fact that natural and effective things can make you healthy. It is the best brand of New York and it was introduced by life partners Joseph and Estee Lauder.


Lipstick Shades By Chanel

For stylish and fabulous look Chanel is producing lipsticks of various shades. They contain a long-lasting effect and lightweight so that one can feel comfortable. It is related with coco Chanel.


Lancome Shdes of Lipstick

This is the first choice of all famous celebrities, artists, models and fashion experts. Lancome provides Lipstick Colors in very reason prices. It was founded in 1946 in France and since its birth it is serving us.

Makeup Forever

Lipstick Colors By Makeup Forever

Its founder is Dany Sanz who is a painter by profession. These Lipsticks Colors Brands give you awesome and stylish look. Red is a favorite shade of all girls and it looks trendy and bright.


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