Top 7 Best Makeup Brands In All Over The World


Makeup products are the need of both girl and women because without them one can not suffer in this modern age. There are various best makeup brands that are working for the fashion industry of this world. They make their products in different shapes, colors, sizes, designs and patterns. Some cosmetics are suitable for all skin forms. But some items are specially made for sensitive, dry or oily skin type. All cosmetic companies want to give everlasting beauty to their customers with best and quality products. Because of these brands you can find countless things that we use in our makeup. They all are according to your choice and taste and depict the latest trends.

Top 7 Best Makeup Brands In All Over The World

Top 7 Best Makeup Brands In All Over The World

Best 7 Most Useable International Makeup Brands

This article is about top 7 international makeup brands and I hope you will like this. I am also showing few pictures of them so that you can easily identify by name, color and size.  There are many girls who cannot select a perfect product for their skin tones and because of this mistake they face many skin problems. When you purchase a cosmetic, first of all check those ingredients that are used in it. The name of brand is the most important thing that can affect you.


This is very expensive and famous makeup brand of this world and it is getting more success day by day. L’Oreal launched hair color as its first product and after great success it started making makeup things. It is the first choice of all celebrities and models because of it high quality.


Loreal Makeup Products


Makeup Brand Nivea

Another trustworthy brand of makeup is Nivea which is famous for its skin caring products. I would like to tell you that it was awarded in 2010 as the best international brand of this world. Its foundations are liked by everyone because they mix a special cream for sensitive skin.

Estee Lauder

Estee Lauder cosmetics products

This is the most favorite makeup brand of men as well as women in the whole global.  This is famous for some particular cosmetics such as perfumes, shampoo, creams, foundations, lipstick etc. Mostly men like its hair gel and dye and other beauty products for men. No doubt it is getting popularity among people very rapidly. Estee Lauder is also competing with other companies and making you stylish and beautiful.


Best Makeup Brand Avon

One of the biggest international brands Avon was founded in 1880 and since then it is serving both men and women. It is famous for cleansing lotions, eye shadows, liners, nail paint, concealer, moisturizers etc.


Dove Makeup Products

It was introduced in 1957 and it has got 7th position in the most famous cosmetics brands of this world. Both men and women are solving their all skin problem by its makeup equipments. Its shampoos and conditioners are useful for our hairs and they contain many essential elements. Its product are mostly used in makeup tips and other applications. Beauty soaps face wash, moisturizing creams & lotions some many other makeup accessories are included in Dove’s production.


Olay the best makeup brand in the world

From 1950s Olay is providing heart winning and beneficial skin care makeup things. It is liked by everyone because of its skin tightening and anti ageing creams.


Best MAkeup Brand Neutrogena

This brand is the first choice of high-class women especially models who want extra beauty and attraction at all times. All the beauty, hair and skin cosmetics of Neutrogena are made from natural elements. This is also called best lipstick color brand in the world. Its best products are sun block, scrubs, whitening creams, compacts, lip gloss, base coats etc.

These are the best Makeup Brands in the world according to our magazines point of view. For more information please visit on daily basis.


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