Try French Nail Art With Pictures In Few Minutes


Today fashion of nail art is becoming very famous among young girls. It is a dream of every woman to look beautiful and gorgeous. Therefore she always tries to fulfill her dream. This trend is not only getting fame in Pakistan but also in the whole world. Nails are decorated with different patterns just according to the latest fashion. Many beautiful stickers, stones and glitters are used for this purpose. Because of its popularity we can see a huge crowd of fashionable women. They are crazy for it therefore they try special nail art designs. For this art you have no need to wait for any function. You can also try it to look decent and distinctive from others. It gives beauty to hands and also changes the body language. Stylish girls use many polishes of light and dark shades. Commonly they apply black color for evening functions. Some women try to match nails art with the colors of their clothes. For this purpose they use glitters which are very popular these days. Many teenagers are waiting for amazing Eid nail art 2017. New age comes with new ideas therefore fashion has also changed. In olden times people used to focus on different thing. But with passage of time they started become specialist of one thing.


Easy And Simple Steps Of French Nail Art For Stylish GirlsĀ best nail art 2015

Now traditional French manicure has become a special art. You can use green, pink, white, golden, red, yellow etc for French manicure. Try to apply dark colors on boundary surface of nails. Neon, silver and maroon shades are perfect for nigh functions. You can see new nail varnish in markets which contain small steel pieces in it. You can apply it with magnet unique nail art. Magnet piece will also include in this kit. Decorate one nail at one time with this polish. A set which contain polish, beads and brushes is called 3D nails. Through this you can give a 3D effect to your hands.00







Beautiful hands are a mirror of stylish personality. We often forget that our hands are always visible for others. Therefore we should take care of our hands. You can use many creams and lotions to clean them. You can see many nail art pics below. From these pictures any girl can choose one design of her choice. Then with the help of these easy steps she can try it at home. Please give me feedback after trying this brilliant French nail art of modern trend.


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