Urwa Hocane Drunk Scandal In Indian Famous Club


Today I am going to share very shocking news about Pakistani actress Urwa Hocane. Last month she went to India for shooting purpose. In a famous club, she caught drunk with some Indian friends. It is very bad habit for every Muslim to drink wine. It is a big sin in our religion too. This activity of urwa has depressed her fans very much. She should not cross her limits because it is not good for her career and fame. urwa hocane in club


Scandals and rumors destroy the career of an artist. This unexpected action of beautiful and hot drama actress Urwa Hocane causes to surprise everyone. In this post you can see her pictures in which she is looking totally change. Actually at that place she did a crude behavior with some ladies and gentlemen. In some images you will find her dancing in a short Indian traditional dress. She should feel shame on her act of drinking alcohol. 01

Shameful Pictures of Famous Model Urwa Hocane

Her fans will definitely want to see her in dramas and films. But with these habits she will not be able to stand in media industry for long time. I think urwa should realize that alcohol is injurious to health. She was in full enjoying mood after completely drunk. 02

I know that it will be a surprise for her fans to see her like this. I hope that May God give her sense to avoid these activities. No doubt that she is a good TV actress, host and model of our industry. Now see the images of Pakistani Host Urwa Hocane in Indian club.



In the above picture urwa is forcing a woman to drink more.


It is clear from this image that she not in her senses. She wants to amuse everybody from her dance and expressions.


Sexy model is doing couple dance steps with a lady of India.


The successful model urwa hocane has started work in differnt new projects.


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